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Medical Matters Page

This page has nothing to do with my photography, so hit the "Back" button now if you have no interest in my medical condition.

As a physician specializing in primary care in the South Bay of Los Angeles for 28 years, many former patients would like to say "Hello" and correspond. As you know, the old medical web page and its secure e-mail function was discontinued, so many of you feel cut off. I want to continue to keep in touch, so I have added this page to the website. Feel free to contact me at: medical@gwishon.com. Be aware, however, that I no longer practice medicine, so I won't renew your Viagra or comment on your medical condition. This address is purely social, and will be answered as time allows. I reserve the right to control the content of questions and responses, and the address is as much for me as it is for you!

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